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Metaphysical Monday

So What is Metaphysics?

It is essentially the study of what is outside the objective world. Metaphysics comes from two Greek words being – ‘meta’ meaning over and beyond – and physics. This study and its practices are actually a part of philosophy incorporating any study or practice that is exploring reality and how that can help us through life. In today’s terms metaphysics is a spiritual practice and kind of philosophy that can help us to find our own way of life, whether that be individually or collectively.

But, you really can just type into Google, “What is Metaphysics?” and get a plethora of great definitions. What I am here to talk about today is how looking at a practice under the term of metaphysics has influenced me on this magical Monday! Let’s talk about meditation.

I specifically want to talk about my most recent experiences with meditating listening to a particular YouTube video that has Solfeggio tones with subliminal messages to help open yourself to manifest abundance and love in your life.

I am in the midst of a difficult moment in my life. I have felt lost and alone. I have felt unappreciated and unsupported. When the shit hit the fan I almost felt like I was going to break into a million pieces. I jettisoned myself out of my environment for a few days to calm down. It was not an easy decision by any means, but I realized that everything around me felt way too dire and important. I was given one piece of advice that I ran with, “Take some time before making any rash decisions that you will ultimately have long term consequences you may not be ready to deal with.”

So long story short, I had to remove myself from the situation to get some perspective. A clear head has clear thoughts about where it is without the influence of the environment and situation. It’s like being able to see a situation from all sides without any attachment. Detach and breathe!

Part of my process was to find a guided meditation or something on YouTube to help calm my mind. I needed to stop the negative hamster wheel and the obsession of trying to solve the predicament I am in. I can’t solve it, the point of me stepping away is not to solve it. Truly the point is to see things from all sides, figure out what I want, and come to terms that if things don’t play out the way that I want that I will be ok.

That’s when I found this video [insert]
I truly believe these subliminal videos work. They have a way of seeping into your consciousness and allow it to focus on whatever the mantra or message is instead of whatever the heck it is fabricating. With this I just sat in the grass and began to breathe.

Part of what I have learned through mediating is that you become an observer of your own thoughts. There is no wrong way to meditate and truly people have the ability to meditate doing anything. Repetitive tasks can put people into a meditative state without them even realizing. It is mindful meditation that I feel takes some practice. From my understanding it is a way for you to sit with your thoughts and let them come and go. Being able to see them pass before your eyes without judging why or what they are. They are just thoughts. They aren’t good or bad. Just thoughts.

After about 30 min to an hour doing this I was able to take a truly deep breath. I think it was the first time I was able to bring new air into my lungs and oxygenate my blood in days. When exhaled I imagined all of what is causing my stomach to be in knots and my head to feel like it’s spinning, to just float away in the wind. I was able to step back into my head and look at my life with a new perspective. No big decision in life is worth making without some serious contemplation and time. While we can’t always know what the right path is or the right choice is in life, we can know what we want. When we truly know that then any choice we make will always lead us to that.

So that’s where I am today. I’m sitting in a space of acceptance and love. I am holding space in my heart that what I want to happen has a chance of happening. I’m not thinking about the circumstances of how or putting pieces together in my head about what would make that work. I am just accepting that when I walk back into that environment my head will be clear to recognize what will lead me what I truly want.

Jess Del Pino – Co-Founder, EOSwell

Daily Contemplation:

An empty glass may look like lack but really it is space available for liquid to be poured into without it spilling over the sides.

Lack is Just Space Available to be Filled.
Fill the space you feel within your life with great possibilities. That space make look like a glass empty, but an empty glass has room to be filled with liquid without spilling over.

Daily Affirmation:

Stop Worrying About How It’s Going To Happen and Start Believing That It Will!


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