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Courage – Tarot Tuesday

3 Card Spread – Pulled Aug 15th, 2107

Card 1 – The Lovers (reversed) – Situation
– False Relationships, the loss of trust, mistrust.

Card 2 – King of Cups – Action
– A charismatic leader, influential, wise, diplomatic, calm, open-minded, accepting of others.

Card 3 – Strength – Outcome
– Courage, determination, being constructive, self-discipline, trusting your own abilities, compassion, seizing control of your destiny.


I pulled these cards without a clear intention or question. Instead I just wanted to see what came up.

In my current state my love life is upside down. There is a loss of trust in my relationship and mistrust within myself that this may not be a relationship I thought it was.

Taking action to step back and come from an open-minded place to accept the other person and the situation has been exactly what I have done. We can’t go back and change things but we can learn and ask for forgiveness within ourselves and from others. We also have to be leaders to others and emanate forgiveness without saying the words because others may not be asking or ready to be forgiven.

The outcome here is trusting myself and being compassionate. No matter what happens in our lives we have to trust that any decision was made from a place that we were doing our best. If we weren’t then we learn from that and move forward. All we can do is show compassion to dispel fear and the stronger we are within ourselves the more others will be open to hearing us. We attract what we put out so put out compassion and we will always attract love.


Daily Affirmation

I am my own superhero!


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