Mind, Personal Introspection

Face It Friday

At the end of a long week it is a good idea to take a look back and see what you accomplished. This could be a task you got finished, an emotional breakthrough, or just the end of a long work week. Whatever it is, taking inventory to remind ourselves that we accomplish things every day can show us that we aren’t just doing nothing. No matter how small it is great to remind ourselves that if we do a little every day then over time we will have done a lot!

Today I sat and thought about this for myself today and came up with the mantra in the affirmation below. What did I face? I faced myself and took responsibility for my own actions and where I am. Not just that I can to acceptance to truly see myself as I am and be in a nonjudgemental space to accept myself wholly. I believe that I can emanate love to conquer fear and so I can transform the world around me so long as I accept myself first.

What do you have to face this Friday?

Daily affirmation:

I am love and light and all that is not will be transformed to be more positive within my presence. I am strong and can transform the world around me to come to a higher vibrational level than me go down to a lower one.

That is my mantra today to myself today!


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