Friendships, Relationships

Saturday Social

It’s great to be social. What did you do today that connected you with someone else or a group of people? How did that make you feel?

Today I am going to relay some stories from working at a health food store. So I’m a cosmetics clerk. That is a lot more than just makeup. It includes personal care products, soaps, mouth care, and aromatherapy. Everything to make you feel good and enhance you to be your best self. I came in contact with one woman in particular that really sat with me after our conversation.

This woman caught me adjusting my pants, which started a conversation between us because she caught a glimpse of my tattoo on my back. I explained to her that it comes from a bad time in my life. I felt that inflicting pain on myself after the emotional pain I went through would be something I chose to do. It ended up be a very cathartic experience to hurt and then heal. The best part was I walked away with a great tattoo to remember that experience by.

She said she had been wanting to get a tattoo to remember her only brother who had passed away. Hearing my story helped her to see that her decision to want a tattoo was a good one. It was an enlightening experience to think my story would directly connect with someone in such a way.

By being open to one another you never know how we can effect and help to give someone else strength just by being ourselves. It was a very humbling experience for me to go through today at a new job. I feel more in my place and accepted by people around me than I have in a many months. So, thank you universe for solidifying that my choice to work at this new job was a good one.

Daily Affirmation:

I am open to connecting with people to help me grow and become the person I want to be.


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