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Trust Your Intuition – Tarot Tuesday

3 Card Spread – Pulled Aug 22nd, 2017

Card 1 – Ace of Wands – Situation
– Creative beginnings, a new way of life, ambition, conception, and enthusiasm.

Card 2 – Ace of Cups – Action
– Powers of the unconscious mind, a fresh start, new ideas, and to be able to trust in your inspiration.

Card 3 – The High Priestess – Outcome
– Secret knowledge, natural instinct, intuition, wisdom, learning, purity, mystery. The ultimate female warrior energy.


I pulled this spread asking this specific question, “Am I on the right path for me to get what I ultimately want?”

As three cards these are for one very feminine and secondly all signs point to yes. Trusting our intuition sometimes can be a hard one. We know what is right for us but there is fear that we are not making the “right” choice. The term “right” is a false idea because as beings we are not right or wrong in what we do we just are being. It is perfect and imperfect all at the same time. Even when we are in a string of bad luck and tough times that seem to have no end, things do eventually flip in the opposite to be all positive. It is all about accepting that these are two sides of coin that are just what life is. (and isn’t).

The hard part about living is we all have goals. We work hard toward those goals and sometimes that pays off, but sometimes there is something that is missing that will not allow our goals to come into fruition until that last piece is in place. Even more troubling is that sometimes the goals we go after end up not being what we expected them to be. While there is no right or wrong path, we have to be in acceptance as pieces in our life change around us to lead us in new directions every day.

When we have goals we set expectations and limitations on ourselves. It makes it hard to see open doors around us that will give us fulfillment because we may be so focused on doing something in such a particular way. We become blinded to the infinite possibilities that can lead us to something we hold onto. Sometimes having a fire to reach a goal can be a good thing but then sometimes having a goal at all can lead us into such disarray that we can’t begin to see that a better choice would be to let go of the goal entirely. That is a hard pill to swallow because it seems as though we are giving up. In all actuality we aren’t giving up but moving on. We are giving ourselves a chance at something more well suited for ourselves instead of trying to fit ourselves into a box we may have outgrown now that we are at a certain point.

Recognizing fear and where it comes from allows us to get to the root of our insecurities and starts the healing to let go. We need to let go of who we think we are, who we want to be and who we were. Instead it is more in tune to look at who we are right now and what that path looks like. A better approach is to look at how these new steps we are taking are an exciting leap into the new. Look at the world around you from a new perspective. See it as if you are at the point you set your original goal for yourself and go from there.

Life is messy. It’s not a straight line and it doesn’t even go forward always. We take twists and turns and end up in the same place we were sometimes or even over shoot where we were going. As they say it is time to be present. But to be honest, if that’s not where you are and you are just stuck in a perpetual loop that is actually ok too. We all crave new experiences, to grow, be successful, and be told that we did good. Sometimes it’s just a hug that helps us to realize we are not alone. We are doing good and doing just fine. That pressure we keep putting on ourselves is coming from us and only us. If you ask your closest confidants around you if they expect the same things you expect from yourself, you may be surprised to find out that you are the only one truly making yourself feel terrible about all of the amazing accomplishments you have on your roster.

So really I think my point here is through this nonsensical rant is that when you ask yourself if you are on the right path to get the things you want out of life, the answer is always YES.

Daily Contemplation:

Be true to yourself and set very clear intentions on a daily basis. The more you are in-tune with what you actually want out of life the more you will see that the universe is giving you all that you ask for, good or bad. So be clear and open to seeing that at the end of it all we always end up back where we start; within ourselves.


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