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Get Over The Hump – Wednesday

There are points when we are working on ourselves that we feel we hit a plateau. How do we get over that hump?

Breaking a cycle is not an easy thing to do. We get comfortable in feelings and daily activities whether they be good or bad. The trick is to remember that every day we are working toward something. Some days will seem like we are making more strides than others. It is all part of the process…

There is a great saying that has been used to the point of exhaustion but to me it still holds a lot of weight. The only way out is through. Yea it may sound hokey but it is the truth. From my own personal experiences there is no fast track to realization and true growth. It has to come with time and experience. We can certainly get through things quicker the more tools we acquire, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t still have to trudge through the shit to get to goodness.

As the times have changed we as people may have become increasingly more agitated that time is of the essence. We need to get things done now! But what ever happened to the understanding that all things, good or bad, have a place? What breeds frustration within us is the inability to be ok with where we are at this moment in time. We are either looking back or looking forward instead of reflecting on where we are right now.

So what are some things to help combat this anxiety and frustration that may come with this process we are going through? How do we actually get over this hump? Well, the trick is easy. Find a place of acceptance. The minute we are able to accept ourselves and where we are there’s something that happens inside that changes everything. We allow the universe to guide us instead of trying to steer ourselves. There are always many things at play that we are not privy to and taking a step back to allow our process to happen can really open our perspective.

What has always worked for me is journaling then reflecting through meditation. When I journal I start with a stream of consciousness that allows my thoughts to just flow. As I start to exhaust myself and gain control back I end my journaling with some basic reminders to myself of where I actually am. Once I have finished I read through my writings to reflect on what has come out so I can have a focus to meditate on what is causing me this frustration where I feel I am not able to get over some hump. At the end of this process I always come out refreshed to find a new understanding that I have something else to work on before I can move forward.

Everyone has to find their own process to get through things. While this method may work for me it doesn’t mean it will for you. If you have a specific set of things you do to get over a hump we would love to hear what you’ve done. Please share with us in the comments or directly to our email: eoswell@gmail.com.

Daily Affirmation:

Every day we are a little better than we were yesterday.


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