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Product Review – Cramp Relief

Welcome to We Tried It! This week I will be reviewing a natural herbal remedy called Cramp Relief by WishGarden Herbal Remedies.

(Photo curtsey of Wish Garden)

This is a 1 fluid oz bottle that comes with a dropper in the cap. This makes it easy for your to dose yourself while experiencing cramping associated with your menstrual cycle. The instructions suggest getting a glass of water and adding 3-4 full droppers in to taste. You can also double dose for extra relief by repeating this 5-10 minutes after finishing your your first dose.

This product is all natural and includes some really great ingredients that when put together create a strong herbal medicine. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and how they each help individually.

Ingredients Breakdown

Crampbark (Viburnum opulus)

This is shrub that is used to help with muscle cramping. It is a uterine decongestant and uterine relaxant to help combat bloating, contractions and muscle spasms. There are plenty of ailments that can benefit from the use of Crampbark including IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), difficulty urinating, asthmatic coughing, high blood pressure as well as relief from contractions in the uterus.
Cautions when using: Don’t use if you are allergic to aspirin, don’t give to small children, may aggravate tinnitus, don’t take if you are on blood thinners, and be aware it may lower blood pressure.
To learn even more about Crampbark check out Herbal Eemedies Advice.

Black Cohosh root (Actaea racemosa)

Originally this root was used by Native Americans for its healing properties. Once introduced to Europeans it has been used for gynecological issues because of its plant based estrogen properties. Other ailments it has been used for include cold, cough, sore throat, kidney issues, depression, nervous disorders, osteoporosis as well as skin ailments when used as a tincture.
Cautions when using: Because this herb acts like estrogen do not take if you are pregnant or lactating unless you consult with a doctor and be aware that it may cause issues with people who have measles or breathing issues.
To learn even more about Black Cohosh root check out Home Remedies

Catnip aerials (Nepeta cataria)

Depending on how this herb is prepared will change the ailments it can help with. It also has a similar effect like estrogen but most commonly used for settling an upset stomach and to treat colic in babies.
Cautions when using: Don’t take if you are pregnant and may cause iron to not be absorbed completely.
To learn even more about Catnip check out the Herbal Encyclopedia

Wild Yam root (Dioscorea villosa)

This herb is used to help with menstrual cramps and can also alleviate IBS issues since it has anti-inflammatory properties. In it’s history this herb helped to pave the way for the first contraceptives and synthetic progesteron for menopausal women.
Cautions when using: Do not use if you are allergic to Wild Yam, have had a history of cancer from hormonal issues, or are pregnant unless you consult a doctor.
To learn even more about Wild Yam root check out The Herbal Encyclopedia.

Scullcap aerials (Scutellaria lateriflora)

This herb is all about relaxation. It helps with anxiety, nervousness and in the case of being a part of this blend helps with muscle spasms. If you are prone to sudden panic attacks having a Scullcap tincture on you to dose yourself can really help. With it’s calming affects no wonder it is in this blend. What makes this herb special is that it will not cause the same drowsiness that other herbs do that are used for nerves.
Cautions when using: There aren’t really any side effects to using this herb. Most studies show that it is safe for all kinds of people but to always check with your doctor for any possible drug interactions.
To learn even more about Crampbark check out Herbal Eemedies Advice.

Vegetable glycerine

Vegetable glycerine is sometimes known as glycerol. It is a fantastic moisturizer used topically or internally. It is used in cooking or baking to help keep moisture. Derived from palm, grape seed or coconut oil it is used in a blend like this to substitute for using alcohol.
Cautions when using: Vegetable glycerin can act as a laxative.
To learn more about Vegetable Glycerine check out the Global Healing Center

So… Did it Actually Help?

Now that we have a better idea of what each ingredient is really doing, it is kind of easy to see how this herbal blend can potentially help with some discomfort when having menstrual cramps. It seems like some of the ingredients above can be used by themselves to alleviate symptoms, but together they are obviously much stronger.

So, did it actually help? I would have to say a resounding YES!

I was actually quite surprised at how much this blend did calm my cramping on my first day of my period. I typically don’t even realize that things are changing hormonally until a few days before. Then before I can piece together why my brain is out of whack and my anxiety is through the roof I am surprised with my body deciding it’s time to purge. The first two days for me are always difficult. There is a lot of discomfort and pain in all places. I’ve tried exercise, relaxing, salt baths, lots of water, smoothies with supplements, and even OTC drugs. While some have helped nothing has been as effective without causing any unwanted side effects as Cramp Relief.

Honestly, I forgot that I drank it at work when I tried it and was able to go on doing what I needed to do. It wasn’t until hours later when I started to feel a little bloated that I even remembered my body was going through its monthly cycle.

This is a really great blend that helps for sure. You won’t be disappointed in the effects because you won’t even notice that it’s doing anything. That’s exactly what I wanted!

Where Can You Buy Cramp Relief?

I found this at the health food store I work in, but you can also order this directly from WishGarden or even on Amazon!

I hope that this remedy helps you as much as it helped me so you can get on with your day instead of being tied down by your own body.

Daily Contemplation:

Revel in the processes your body does. The fact that a woman can jettison what it doesn’t need every month is not only healthy but a monthly purge that can be seen as a way our bodies naturally let go. If you are a woman, next time you go through your monthly cycle think about what you may be holding onto and just allow your body to dispel what isn’t working for you anymore.


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