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Strong Communication – Tarot Tuesday

3 Card Spread – Pulled Aug 29th, 2017

Card 1 – Eight of Cups – Situation
– New beginnings, a new pathway of discovery, a turning point and needing to move forward.

Card 2 – King of Swords – Action
– Male influence that is a strong communicator, analytical, strong and ethical leader.

Card 3 – The Hierophant (reversed) – Outcome
– False advice, prejudice, withholding information to retain power, or stuck in tradition.


I pulled three cards this week asking, “What does this Tuesday bring us?

With such an open-ended question these three cards can really mean anything. Since this week seems to be themed on communication it is no wonder the King of Swords has come up in the Action position of my three card spread.

The Eight of Cups is a great card to have in the Situation position because it is the feeling that I keep getting from people around me right now. There is a sense of us all hitting a turning point and feeling a need to move forward to new beginnings. This card is one of my favorites because when you look at the picture is a man on his way to a new adventure. He has a backpack on looking to the future. He is about to cross over a tiny bridge from all he once knew to the unknown. The things he leaves behind him are not bad but there is a real hopefulness that I always get with this card. If this is your current situation then I would suggest to be careful not to get caught up in future tripping on where this path may lead. Instead sit in the wonderful unknown of where this may lead you.

Knowing and realizing you are at a turning point leads to our Action card. The King of Swords is innately a very strong card. It can be a male figure in your life or just have the male essence of analytical thinking. This is not a card of emotions. Instead there is a lot of thought of looking at the different paths you may embark on. One great thing I always take from this card is that there will be someone that is a very strong communicator to come into your life to help give you a very simple perspective not filled with emotional attachment. If you have someone that you trust in your life that can be a great sounding board to talk through you embarking on your new pathways now is the time to take the time to talk with them. This person is a great communicator and a very good voice of reason.

So what is our outcome here? Well this is a tricky one with the Hierophant in the Outcome position. Especially being reversed, this card is really a sign of warning that there is still work to be done before a true path will open up. This card can signify a person that is still trying to hold power over you by withholding information or your own inability to see the truth because you are stuck in your own traditions. The point of embarking on a new beginning is to eradicate what doesn’t work so you can grow.

This card in a regular position is very powerful because it shows a wise teacher in your life to offer guidance to help your growth. In the reversed position I am reading this card that there may be people you have trusted in the past to give you sound advice that do not have your best interest at heart. This is all about trusting yourself, your own intuition and communicating strongly as to what you want before you embark on this new path.

Overall, this spread is very telling for the many people I have been interacting with this week. We are all at a turning point to start again and follow a path that feels right for us. We need to trust in our own gut to lead us to what we feel is right for us. Working on trusting ourselves and communicating with others more openly will open our eyes to seeing the people who are not fitting in anymore. This will also help us to have the strength to not allow us to not give our power away so easily. There is still a lot of work to be done before we can feel confident of what this new path will lead to. Understand that this is a process. With every process there is not set amount of time in which things will come to fruition. Instead we have been be open and communicate our truth no matter what to the people around us so we can grow and move forward.

Daily Contemplation:

Change is the only constant in life. We have the power to be a part of that change and embrace it, but even if we don’t life will change with or without us.



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