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Releasing Pain – Tarot Tuesday

3 Card Spread – Pulled Sept 5th, 2017

Card 1 – Nine of Pentacles (reversed) – Situation
– Financial setbacks due to foolish choices, overworking, learning from one’s mistakes, getting back to nature and replenishing.

Card 2 – Three of Swords (reversed) – Action
– Releasing pain, optimism, and forgiveness.

Card 3 – Ace of Cups – Outcome
– love, compassion and overwhelming emotions.


I pulled these cards in a hurry with no real question in mind but having had an interesting week or so with internal emotions running wild it makes sense why these cards came up.

Having two reversed cards always gives me a bit of anxiety, but I immediately felt more at ease that the final card in the Outcome spot was not reversed. Some readers will not focus so much on the way the cards land and read them as they are, but for me it is all situational.

The Nine of Pentacles is an interesting card in itself. It is a very strong feminine card. It speaks to independence and luxury. In the reversed it shows the downside of this. For me as an individual I have always sought independence. My issue has been the lack of understanding the responsibility that comes with this. In my past I have used short cuts to get what I want materially and not considered the repercussions of my actions. This has left me in with credit card debt that has weighed on me for years. The feeling of never getting ahead in life can be a weight on anyone’s shoulders that feels like such a strong burden. As the years have gone on I have become to understand that my eyes sometimes are larger than my stomach. This means that even though I would like some luxurious material amenity in my life, it doesn’t mean it is going to bring the happiness and peace I actually seek. In this position of the Situation, as a reversed card, this tells me that I have put myself in a situation that has not be the best financially. What I can take from this is that I need to replenish my soul to traverse forward and learn from my mistakes with money and material items. It’s no longer about instant gratification, but instead it is about learning to work for something and pay off with the goal of obtaining it.

The Three of Swords reversed in the Action position is an amazing! No need to be discouraged by this card coming up upside down because in this way it reads very clear what actions need to be taken from the situation I am in to the outcome of our next card. In tarot this card is a very daunting and difficult card because it reads so much about emotions being penetrated by logic and hurt. In reverse it shows that the challenges we have faced are now behind us and it is time to work on our recovery. For myself having gone through some recent challenges when it comes to my emotions it reads very true. When I correlate this to the previous card it makes a lot of sense that I have not taken my actions seriously to get in the financial situation I am. A ton of embarrassment and hurt feelings toward myself have ensued. Now is the time to forgive and heal. Dispelling my previous definitions, especially the judgements I have had to myself, are ready to be released to allow myself to grow from my mistakes. It is time to move on!

Finally, the Outcome is the Ace of Cups. Coming from my current situation of financial burden to taking action to let go and heal I ultimately can come to this outcome of a cup flowing over. As an Ace this is the significance of a beginning. Being a cup this suit is associated with our emotions, relationships, feelings and creativity. Inspiration comes from our imagination and when we are feeling fulfilled then we are free to do anything. This card truly shows a new beginning with relationships, love and in my case my relationship with myself. Taking the mistakes I have made, learning from them, letting go and moving on will lead me to a new beginning of emotional fulfillment.

There are three suits represented in this 3 card spread. Pentacles (Earth), which are synonymous with materialistic goods and finances, Swords (Air), which are synonymous with intellect, logic and our thoughts, and Cups (Water), which are synonymous with our emotions, feelings and creativity. From being grounded to flying through the air and ultimately becoming fluid, I am very hopeful and inspired by this spread to keep putting in the work I have been with myself lately to let go of all that is not serving my soul anymore.

Daily Affirmation:

My failures are opportunities to learn from my mistakes, I forgive myself for doing my best with the tools I had before I knew better, I allow myself to be fulfilled and happy.


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