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Quelling Impulses – Tarot Tuesday

3 Card Spread – Pulled Sept 12th, 2017

Card 1 – Knight of Wands (reversed) – Context of the Situation
– Lacking foresight, feeling of getting nowhere and impulsive actions based off of frustrations from delays from obstacles or denial of what you want.

Card 2 – The Tower (reversed) – Where You Need to Focus
– Fear of change, delaying a necessary destruction, can also be a lesser version of change and transformation if you are not resisting it.

Card 3 – Nine of Wands (reversed) – Outcome
– Defensive, paranoia, hesitant to make long term commitments, overcome by responsibilities, feeling of life being all work and no play.


This week I asked a very specific question to the cards. I recently have been offered a couple of new opportunities for freelance work on top of other fulfilling work I have already on my plate. In the past I have jumped to take on as much as possible with the idea of gaining more income to get further ahead. In all actuality accepting all jobs and not ones I actually wanted to do put me in positions in the past where I felt overwhelmed and not happy. So I asked the cards,

“These new opportunities that have come up, are they worth me taking on with my current schedule to help me out overall or will they ultimately end up causing me to more stress? Basically is the money worth the extra work?”

So here’s the spread…

I am using a new 3 card spread this week to get a better insight for a specific situation. This means our first card, the Knight of Wands reversed, is in the Context of the Situation position. Since this card specifically talks about lack of foresight and the leap before you look action then I can see that as my personal impulse to just accept jobs regardless if I am interested or even have time. I see dollar signs instead of how these opportunities will effect my life as a whole. This comes from feeling a sense of lack in my life when it comes to money specifically. It has been a huge issue for me my entire life and definitely speaks to me.

This leads well into the next position, the Where You Need to Focus position. I need to focus on not fearing change or the breakdown of what I know. With The Tower reversed it just shows that regardless of my resistance to change it will happen. This could be a good thing because if I am not resisting change then the element of destruction around me may be to a lesser extent than I can imagine. Through all destruction comes rebirth and new starts. So this could possibly mean that I need to work on not immediately acting on my impulses. Even though opportunities are available now does not mean there will be none later if I turn these down.

Finally The Outcome to this question comes to The Nine of Wands reversed. Since I asked if accepting any of these opportunities were worth it this card gives me an insight that I could get myself into a situation where I feel overwhelmed and that life becomes all work and no play. This could lead to me unconsciously to sabotage my current situation and end up in a much worse situation. I have been there before and ended up needing some real recharging to get back to myself. The money was never worth the work and ended up leaving me feeling even more lack than I did prior.

So… My take away from this reading is to seriously think about any new opportunities that come up and how they actually will fit into my life as a whole. If an opportunity doesn’t fit then it is ok to turn it down. Slow and steady wins the race and even though something may be able to give a chance to get money quick it may not be worth it in the end.

Daily Affirmation:

Saying ‘No’ to an opportunity today that doesn’t fit with your personal interests will not close doors to opportunities tomorrow!


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