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Hello Everyone!

I have been working through getting a practitioner’s certification in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and just went through a full lesson on Diet! I’m here to share with you a little bit about what I’ve learned so far before I get into trying this on myself.

Metabolic Typing Diet

The program strongly emphasizes a diet called, Metabolic Typing Diet. This is a comprehensive diet plan that starts with a massive survey to find out which metabolic type you are by how you oxidize and process carbs, fat and protein. It is incredibly specialized to each person by categorizing whether you are a fast oxidizer, slow oxidizer, mixed type, sympathetic dominant, parasympathetic dominant or mixed. (I will get much more into detail on these types in a different post)

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Their thought process is that every person has different needs nutritionally based on genetics, environment, stress, lifestyle, ability of food, food sensitivities, medications and a host of other factors. So why would anyone’s diet be the same? Our bodies do the best they can based on all of these factors, but what I’m learning is that if we understand how our bodies function we can more accurately feed it the fuel it actually needs. Thus, we can start healing with what we put in ourselves.

Diet Check Recording

It all starts with listening to how your body is responding to food. Keeping track every day of every meal is important. It is best to check these three questions about an hour after you eat to see if you might be missing something.

  1. Do you feel full? Do you have any cravings and feel the need to snack between meals?
  2. How is your energy level? Do you feel that the meal has given you energy or are you feeling depleted and have low energy?
  3. How is your mood? Has your food helped uplift your mood making you happy or do you feel irritated and annoyed?

If any of your answers skew in the negative direction then it is possible you are not eating the right ratio of carbs to protein to fat in your meals.

This is a great way to start changing the ratios of your meals without doing any testing for food sensitivities or even taking the survey for the MT Diet. It’s just about listening to your body and making adjustments as needed for your next meal.

What I’ve Tried So Far

I have tried this already and it seems to be working! I have always tended to be more of a vegetarian with a little meat sprinkled in here and there. This has left me very snacky throughout the day and feeling hungry all the time. Since learning about ratios and the MT Diet I have started to shift toward having a higher fat and protein to carb ratio in my meals. The results have been amazing. My energy level has been more sustained, I have
felt less snacky and more full with each meal. It seems that I might just be metabolizing mtdiet-book.pngcarbs fast and without more protein and fats, which take much more time to metabolize, I run through the energy produced quickly. This probably leads my blood sugar to drop then boosting my cortisol and stress to produce more glucose and raise my blood sugar. That’s where I have felt uneasy, irritable and hungry!

I’ve recently ordered the MT Diet book to start going through the process properly to test on myself and few close people around me. Since the small changes I have made so far seem to be working, I’m interested to see after testing myself if I can fine tune my diet even more to get optimal fuel with every meal.

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Looking forward to sharing this more in-depth soon. For now this has just been a slight intro my process and how I am starting to incorporate what I’ve been learning about diet on myself!

Thanks for joining me today. Please post any feedback and suggestions in the comments. Follow me on Instagram @EOSwellblog to see daily updates as I document my journey into Total Body Wellness!

– Jess


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