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3 Reasons to Use Supplements

When it comes to using supplements many of us have been ingrained to focus on symptoms instead of getting to the root of what could be causing those symptoms to occur. While this can be helpful short term use for symptom relief it is not the only reason we should be using supplements. Many times the same symptoms occur with different underlying root causes resulting in supplements not always working for every person. That is why it is important to not only work from the root cause with each person but also to understand that supplements have other uses outside of just symptom relief.

Ways to Use Supplements

Filling in Gaps

We are what our food eats! Simply put if the food we eat isn’t getting the proper nutrition then neither are we. This is the first reason supplements can help. They can fill in gaps by offering vitamins, micronutrients and minerals that just don’t exist within our food anymore.

Support for Internal Organs

Congestion of internal organs can be a major reason of symptoms. This is where supplements can help. They can offer support to major organs to function at their optimal capacity allowing our bodies to do things like detox.

Stimulating and Inhibiting Internal Systems

Through periods of prolonged stress our bodies are very smart to keep us going however they need to. Normally a pathway would go from A to B to C to D, but when needed some processes can be skipped to get from A to D quickly. Overtime this skip can become hardwired causing some of those in-between processes to stop functioning properly resulting in things like poor immune system, weak digestion and low sex drive. This is where some supplements can help. They can remind our bodies by stimulating those in-between systems to function again while also inhibiting other systems to stop overproducing.

Using the Right Supplements

Since there are different uses for supplements it is always important to work from the root cause instead of just focusing on symptom relief. By lab testing to find what is actually going on to cause someone to have symptoms you could be much more successful with using supplements instead of wasting time and money through trial and error.

A great example of this is the process of Pregnenolone Steal. In order to keep up with prolonged stress our bodies will use Pregnenolone to make more Cortisol instead of our sex hormones. Over time this process can become hardwired leading to hormone imbalances, low sex drive and a host of other symptoms. Instead of focusing on those symptoms the best way to address this would be to run lab tests to confirm that this is Pregnenolone Steal. This will help with putting together a proper protocol of supplements to help stimulate DHEA production, balance hormones and lower stress to help Pregnenolone to be distributed through its intended pathways.

Getting Results

The best way to get great results from our supplements is to only focus on symptom relief as a short term solution. Filling in nutritional gaps, supporting internal organs, and stimulating/inhibiting internal processes are the three other reasons that supplements can be used. Through lab testing we can get the the root causes of how our internal systems are functioning and put together a proper supplements protocol to address all of these uses. It is the best way to get the most out of what supplements have to offer for each person.


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