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5 Easy Daily Detoxing Tips

With cold and flu season just around the corner it is a great time to start adding in some daily detoxing habits to help your body clean those toxins out so it can be in top shape to fight off sickness while feeling like your best self.

What is Detoxing?

Detoxing is simply the process of getting something out of the body that it doesn’t need. Our bodies are constantly detoxing out things that shouldn’t be there. Good thing is we can actually help ourselves out by adding simple things to our daily regimens with very little cost of money and time! Let’s take a look at five simple daily detoxing tips and why they work!

5 Easy Daily Detoxing Tips


#1. Hydrate!!

That’s right! Drink more water! It’s one of the easiest things you can do. The only real cost is extra trips to the bathroom. When we are hydrated there is less stress on the body and instead we are actually facilitating toxins to move out. Water helps to dilute toxins making it easier for us to push them out through processes like peeing and sweating.

Tips on Hydrating

Eat Your Water. If you have trouble drinking enough water to stay hydrated try eating you water with high water content food.

Get Notified To Drink. For those of us on the go or who have trouble remembering to drink there are great apps and smart water bottles that will remind you to drink more.


#2. Sweat!!

Get moving and sweat! It is a great way to push your body to push out toxins of all kinds with almost no cost. When we sweat we get rid of things like heavy metals, mercury and BPA. These toxins actually disrupt the efficiency of our endocrine system, which regulates our moods, hormones, metabolism and almost all functions within the body. By sweating we help push these toxins out more easily and increase our overall health tremendously.

Tips on Sweating

Sit In A Sauna or A Hot Bath. By sitting and allowing your body to heat up you can promote more sweating with less effort. To take it up a notch try an infrared sauna to really penetrate the skin or epsom salts in a bath to draw out more toxins.

Exercise. Getting the body moving and doing some kind of exercise helps us sweat which unclogs the skin and makes detoxing easier. Don’t forget to to replenish what you loose during a workout by drinking enough water and electrolytes.


#3. Rest!!

This covers more than just sleeping. When we sleep we are allowing our bodies time to repair and detoxify without distraction. During the day we also need to take time to slow down to recharge the batteries. A few minutes every day is all you need. This allows our bodies to focus on detoxing instead of trying to keep up with our demands to always be on the go.

Tips on Resting

Meditation. An easy activity you can do anytime and anywhere. Taking even a few minutes to help clear your mind has been shown to greatly increase brain activity, stimulate your nervous system and promote more detoxing! Check out some videos on YouTube if you need a little help getting started.

Breathing. Deep breathing into your belly brings in more oxygen, helps relax the body and promotes a more peaceful state ideal for daily detoxing.


#4. Fiber!!

Fiber aids in a smooth elimination. By adding it to your diet it will also help to grab onto toxins that get built up along our intestinal tract while scrubbing the intestines along the way. This makes it easier to get rid of build up with virtually no cost. Plus there is a great side effect of weight loss!

Tips on Adding More Fiber

Chia Seeds and Flaxseed. Adding a spoonful of chia seeds or flaxseed to your smoothie, juice, yogurt, salad, or just about anything gives you a boost in fiber to help move things along. Other benefits include reducing inflammation, increasing brain growth and energy along with so much more.

Eat foods with more Fiber. There are plenty of supplements that you can take to increase your fiber intake but the best option is always from food. Search for high fiber foods and try adding a few to your meals to help detoxify more efficiently.


#5. Hygiene Habits!!

The same way we take showers to get rid of dirt from our skin we can easily add other hygiene habits that take a few extra minutes to help us detoxify. These may cost an initial investment getting the right tools but overall the cost will outweigh the benefits. Try these tips below to take your hygiene game up a level!

Tips on Hygiene Habits

Tongue Scraping. With a minimal investment of a good tongue scraper you can spend 10 seconds while brushing your teeth and scrape your tongue. This removes built up debris, bacteria and gunk from the tongue. And it promotes fresher breath.

Oil Pulling. Swishing around a teaspoon of oils in your mouth for up to 20 minutes daily pulls toxins through the gums and into the oil. It is even been shown to be more effective than traditional flossing. You can use coconut oil, sesame oil, sunflower seed oil or a combination of them all together.

Dry Brushing. Before jumping in the shower you can take a few minutes to brush the skin using a dry bristle brush to help renew the skin, promote blood flow and unclog pores to better detoxing. This one takes a few minutes and only costs the price of a good dry brush.

The Trick is Consistency

There you have it. 5 easy daily detoxing tips that can be easily added into your daily regimen all with very minimal cost. These things can help you feel less sluggish and keep your body in tip top shape to fight off any infiltrating sicknesses!

The trick to daily detoxing is consistency! All of these tips are easy, take minimal effort and are cost effective. By adding one or all of them into your daily routine you can help facilitate more daily detoxing. This helps reduce any build up in your body to allow it to function in tip top shape.

Try them for yourself and see how you feel. 🙂

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