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Easy Tips to Help Your Gut Health

Gut health! It is the fundamental of healthy living in my opinion. The reason being is that everything we put into our bodies has to go through the gut! From there it is broken down and either used to help us function or pushed out because it is not helpful to a healthy system.

Over time our guts can get a lot of ware and tare causing it to not function at its best thus causing our bodies to not function at peak performance. Sometimes you may not even realize that your gut is unhealthy because the symptoms may not seem to be gut related. I assure you though that every issue you might be feeling all starts with the gut.

Aside from the obvious indigestion, bloating, cramping or other feelings of stomach discomfort, there are many other symptoms that I will list below that actually all come from an unhealthy gut!

Skin issues, anxiety, depression, ADD, mood disorders, excessive fatigue, insomnia, cravings for sugar, arthritis and joint pain, headaches, brain fog, concentration issues, memory loss, low immune system, and many autoimmune diseases (including Chron’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Lupus and celiac). And this is a short list!

All of these (and more) are symptoms of an unhealthy gut and possibly a condition called Leaky Gut. This has become a buzz word in the health community over the years to describe a loss in gut permeability (the ability for your gut to properly allow nutrients and other materials to pass through the gut lining to the cells and ultimately the rest of the body).

Sounds pretty serious, right? It is! BUT… you can reverse this damage and turn things around to create a more healthy gut! Even things like autoimmune diseases can be reversed! I know this because I was actually diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease, over 20 years ago with little hope of it ever being cured. That was until I started focusing on healing my gut! Now, I am on no pharmaceutical medications to “manage” my disease and instead I am allowing my body to heal itself! Best thing is IT’S WORKING!! 

And you can do this too!! Below are some amazing tips that will not only help heal your gut but also help your body to stop creating symptoms of all kinds!

5 Easy Tips to Helping

Your Gut Heal Itself!



Inflammation is the #1 contributing factor to almost every ailment, disease and malfunction within the body. By reducing overall inflammation within the body you can start to create a better environment for good bacteria to grow. This will also help your system to slow down and heal itself instead of constantly being in fight mode.

To reduce inflammation try adding in fish oil or a high dose of omega 3’s, turmeric, ginger, and other supplements or herbs that are specific to reducing internal inflammation.



There are many kinds of internal stressors that can be contributing to an unhealthy gut. Food sensitivities are a huge one! By eliminating foods you may be sensitive to you are giving your gut a chance to focus on absorbing the most nutrients from what you eat while also allowing it the ability to focus on healing.

Try a simple elimination diet for 2 weeks. Cut out processed foods, sugar, caffeine, dairy, gluten and any specific foods you know bother you. After 2 weeks of eating clean your body will have been given the chance to clean out things it doesn’t like. This way when you try to introduce some foods back into your diet you’ll see how your body reacts.



Probiotics are basically a jump start of good bacteria you are putting into your system every time you take them. The trick to feeling the difference is making sure that you are creating a good environment for them to grow and cultivate colonies in your gut. This means trying the tips above and also making sure the food you eat are ones that good bacteria will eat too!

This is where prebiotics come in! Prebioitics help feed the good bacteriaand include things like fiber, kefir, yogurt, some cheeses, leafy greens, onions and so much more. Adding in a prebiotic fiber supplement or a probiotic with prebioitics already included can also be a great option!



Fermented foods are a great way to boost your gut environment and feed your good bacteria helping it to cultivate, colonize and grow. Some great options of fermented foods include kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, kimchi, raw cheeses, yogurt, and raw apple cider vinegar.

Adding one or some of these to your diet can also have other added health benefits.

For example, kefir has high amounts of vitamin B12, magnesium, biotin, folate, vitamin K2 and digestive enzymes. It will help feed your good bacteria while also easing muscle tension, boosting energy and helping to break down food particles. 



Adding in certain healing herbs and supplements specifically made to help heal the gut lining you can boost your body’s healing power tremendously. These can be a little hard to navigate for each person so don’t overdo it by going to your local health food store and buying up their entire digestion section.

Trying one thing at a time and seeing how your body reacts before adding in a new supplement or element to your diet is the best way to help support your gut and not overwhelm it.

Here is a list of some great supplements and herbs to start with:

Aloe with gut support, digestive enzymes, muscosal support that includes glutamine, slippery elm bark, peppermint tea, and ginger tea. Also, try asking your local health food supplement clerk to show you any new products that might be worth trying too!

Healing Takes Time

Some of the tips above might help relieve symptoms quickly but remember that healing takes time. You may not see or feel immediate results for the first week or two. Stick with whatever regimen works for you though. Stay consistent and if you can stick it out for at least 2 weeks you might be surprised how much better you actually start feeling.

Healing naturally is all about consistency. Not every tip is going to work for every person because of lack of resources, time or countless other reasons. Don’t get discouraged though. I promise that even if you add in one of these tips and stay consistent you will definitely start to notice a difference over time.


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