Jess Del Pino Bio

Jess Del Pino – Co-Founder, EOSwell

Hi, I’m Jess Del Pino! I am the Founder of EOSwell. I’m sure you are wondering our story and how this site came about so here is the long version.

My entire life I have spent working on myself. I have gone through countless different kinds of therapies, tried many different kinds of yoga, studied and am still learning how to read tarot cards, constantly look into astrology, and have a huge draw to nutrition and overall health. This also led me to pursue getting a certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (read more about that here). I have been surrounded by self-help since I was a kid from my mother introducing me to health food before it was the cool thing to do. She also was the one who would sit and have long talks with me about existential topics dealing with life and what we are here for. So overall I have a lot of experience to draw from and share.

The idea of EOSwell came to me in a really trying moment in my life. Everything around me seemed to be breaking down around me. My relationship was in shambles, I was unemployed and felt like I have no focus or long term goal about what I wanted to do with myself. It took me taking a stand for myself and a break from my every day life to really see what it was that I felt was drawing me. I basically left everything for a week to go visit my family in the hopes that when I came home I would be a better more centered person to actually deal with my life. Always trust your intuition!

While on this mini-sabbatical I had an epiphany to start a health and wellness blog. The whole point was to have a place to express myself with all of my experiences, good and bad. To do this in a really honest way that allowed me to do what I love to do, which is write, and talk about how I am constantly working on myself. As egotistical as that may sound, I have found that the more we help ourselves the more we are able to help others.

My hope for this blog is to be able to give others the chance to see there is a way to be self-serving, helpful, and get everything you want out of life without getting all hokey and trying to be something you aren’t.

And that’s my story! Imperfect and kind of all over the place as it may seem it is exactly what you can expect from what I write here.