Tabitha London Bio

Hey out there!! My name is Tabitha London and it’s super nice to meet you! I’m the other Co-Founder of EOSwell. EOSwell was funny enough an idea that Jess and I had at the same time! How cute is that?! SO CUTE!!

With so much going on in life it’s easy to feel lost or derailed from one’s path. And when I say path I’m not talking about the “This is what I am meant to do and exactly where I meant to be” type of path cuz let’s face it… none of us know exactly where we are meant to be or exactly what we’re supposed to do. What I am talking about is the daily activities and experiences we have and how we feel about them. I’m excited to put EOSwell out into the world for that very reason! The more we can come together as an open, supportive, and communicative society the more we enjoy our daily activities and experiences. After all, that’s what life’s about, right?

A little about me: I was born in the south and yes had a VERY heavy southern accent. I moved to Seattle around 7 years old and now I sound like a stoned Canadian… haha! At least that’s what I’m told…but I’ll be honest it’s true, I really do. I am a surfer (seriously it the greatest love of my life; if you’ve never done it, try it! It can be very life changing!), comedian, photographer, producer, writer, dog and turtle mom, Orioles lover (Go O’s!!) and currently studying to become a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I love to learn about communication and how humans interact with one another and why we do the things we do. My favorite question to ask is WHY? I think the more we learn and ask why the more content we become and the less we feel we need to ask why.

My personal journey has been quite a ride. I’ve had to overcome many traumas, obstacles, challenges, and the repercussions of all of those things. But as every day goes by and the more I focus on learning to love myself the more I become thankful for who I am and why I am who I am.

It is my sincere hope that EOSwell will help you feel understood, not alone and part of a supportive community of everyday people living everyday lives.


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