January/February Topic:

Learning about the Elimination Diet!!

  • What are common foods to remove and why?
  • How long do most people stay on this diet?
  • How do you stay successful during this diet?
  • How to start reintroducing foods to find out which ones you should stay away from for good!!


The first step in rebuilding your health is removing things that don’t work for you! This month I am covering the ins and outs of an Elimination DietThis is a diet only meant to be done for a short amount of time allowing your body a chance to stop being bombarded by foods that may be causing you harm so it can begin to heal. Not every person is the same so if you for sure know certain foods are an issue then start with removing those first. I have listed below some of the common foods that have been shown to cause problems for people. It does not mean you need to eliminate these foods during your elimination diet, but if you aren’t sure where to start this list is a great first step.

Common Foods to Cut Out while on an Elimination Diet

🍆 Nightshades: What are Nightshades? What can I use as substitutes?

🍞 Gluten: What is Gluten? Is gluten really the problem or could it be something else?

🐮 Dairy: Why cut out Dairy? Are you just ingesting the wrong kind of Dairy?

🌽 Corn: Why is Corn a common issue? What should I look for to avoid Corn during my elimination diet? *(See a full list here)*

🐿 Tree Nuts & Seeds: Could cutting out tree nuts and seeds help with the healing process? What’s the deal with Peanut allergies?

🌯 Soy and other Legumes: Legumes are highly nutritious so why can they also cause havoc in a compromised internal system?

🥚Eggs: What should you look for when cutting out Eggs?

🍬Sugar: Why should you should moderate your intake of Sugar? Other names for sugar to look for on ingredients labels. One final thought on Sugar.

Others: When it doubt CUT IT OUT!


Elimination Diets are a Tool…


Some common questions on how to be successful while implementing an Elimination Diet:


(photo credit: PrecisionNutrition.com)

How long should you stay on this diet? In total this should take about 6-7 weeks.

There are 4 phases to this diet: 


How can you be successful during your elimination diet?

  • Pre-planning your diet is key
  • Remove any temptations at home
  • Keep a food journal
  • Get lots of rest
  • Moderate exercise **(👈 read more about how aggressive exercise can contribute to leaky gut)
  • Reduce as much stress as possible

What foods can I eat?

  • Always choose Organic
  • Cook at home
  • Keep a list of foods in your wallet or purse for when you go out
  • Find healthy whole food alternatives to your favorite comfort foods

What supplements can I take to start helping repair and rebuild my health?