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Autoimmune Toolbox

Since getting an Ulcerative Colitis flare-up in May 2019, I have decided to start putting together a list of all the things I use to help with symptoms from having an autoimmune disease as well as things I am finding that will help my long term goal of healing myself. I have coined this my Autoimmune Toolbox. There are different categories to help you differentiate if a product or habit is right for you. These categories include:

ESSENTIALS – Easy Things that anyone can benefit from. They are either free to do or cheap to implement into your daily health and healing regimen. These take little effort but have massive benefits when incorporated consistently. They also can help with anyone regardless if they have an autoimmune disease or not.

MUST HAVES – These are tailored recommendations specific to helping specific issues. In my case I am focusing on Ulcerative Colitis and other IBD related issues. I will include specific research and references so you can see if this would be a good fit for yourself and what you are working on.

NEXT LEVEL – These are products and recommendations that might not be right for everyone. This could be because of cost, difficulty to implement into someone’s regimen, upkeep, availability or other factors. I will do my best to find alternatives that could be used in place of these to offer options that could still be helpful even if you can’t afford the latest and greatest tech or you don’t have access to something because of where you live.

WISH LISTS – These will be therapies I am going to present research for that are on my wish list of things to either try or implement over time into my healing regimen. I will clearly quote any research to back up my claims as to why I would try something on this list and also why it might work for everyone. The purpose of this list is to remind us all that new therapies and research are being done all the time. While we can’t always keep up, we should always keep researching to make sure we are staying open to new possibilities in ways we can keep healing ourselves.

TESTS – I will also be documenting the tests that I can going to be incorporating into my healing journey. This is a way for me to track my own progress and can also be a way for you to as well. Each person is different and the tests I choose to take will be presented to explain why I decided to go with each test and what I hope to achieve by taking that test.

**All of these lists will be curated purposefully and from two points of view.

  1. From my own personal journey to help myself heal and learn more about myself
  2. To bring to light new ways to think about how you can heal yourself so you can start learning the right questions to ask, the right places to start looking/researching and what is worth focusing on when it comes to healing yourself so you don’t get lost in this health fad world we live in these days.

What’s in my Autoimmune Toolbox?


Proper Exercise and Movement – Not everyone is made to handle intense workouts, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate exercise and movement into your daily health regimen. Let’s explore different kinds of movement practices and intensities so you can find one that works for you. I will also highlight what works for me during a flare-up and when it’s time to lay off!

Breathing Exercises


Collagen Powder – Supplement spotlight on how you can benefit from adding this to your regimen, my top 3 favorite supplements and other ways you can get collagen if you can’t afford an expensive monthly supplement version.

Water – Learn more about water, why it is important to stay hydrated, tips on how you can you can stay hydrated and keep this from being an added stress on your body. Plus, my recommendations on filters, electrolytes, and more.

Castor Oil – Learn how Castor Oil can help ANYONE regardless if they have an autoimmune disease or not.

Anxiety Checklist and Tips – Many of us suffer from backburner syndrome, which is a term I’ve coined to explain underlying anxiety that we have without realizing. I’ve developed my own checklist that has helped me to have a better barometer on when I’m allowing more energy to go to things that are feeding into anxiety, especially since sometimes I don’t even notice that when it’s happening. Plus, I’ll share tips on how to switch out of an anxious mode quickly that anyone can do!


Sleep Crown – This is a product and company spotlight that will explain why this works, who would benefit and some work arounds if you can’t afford this pillow.

Elimination Diet – Here you will learn more about how to formulate your own Elimination Diet, what motivations should be considered when going down this path, which ones I have tried and whether or not they’ve worked for me.

Supplement Spotlights – Here is a list of supplements that are specifically important to my ulcerative colitis and my specific overall health! You will be able to check my research with links to see if these would be right for you to try.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Salt Rock Lamps

House Plants

Air Purifier

Water Filter


Sauna – Saunas are a great way to help facilitate detoxing, relaxation, mediation, and can help push your body into a healing mode. Let’s take a look at why that is and if you could benefit from using one more regularly.


Smart Lighting – Set your home up to help you win at life! Smart lighting can help you set a mood to get motivated or for when you’re ready to wind down at night.

Aku Spike Mat & Ball – This product and company spotlight is not for everyone. Here you will learn more about Aku Spike, their mission, and both of their accupressure products and how they have helped me.


Biotracking Tech

Red Light Therapy

Bluelight Blocking Glasses


Stem Cell Therapy


Colonoscopy – Anyone with Ulcerative Colitis should be partaking in yearly to bi-yearly colonoscopies. This is a great way to track your progress over time and see how your body is responding to what you do. Sometimes we may seem to have no symptoms but when we test biopsies our cells tell a different story! Follow my colonoscopy results over time to see how I am doing.

Daily Morning Temperature – Testing your morning temperature with a thermometer is a great way to easily track how your body is doing. Let’s learn more about this simple tracking together.

Food Jounrnal

Poop Tracking – I know it might seem a little weird but if you learn to keep track of your bowel movements then you can more quickly spot when something is not right with you. Think of your poop as your body’s way of showing you how it is doing on a daily basis!


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Daily Detoxing Tips

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Learning about the Elimination Diet!!